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Bennett Bratt
CEO and Founder

My name is Bennett Bratt, and I'm the founder of The Team Effectiveness Project LLC and creator of the Team Elements® coaching method. I’m a team-geek. I’m an advocate for bettering all of our experiences within teams. And I’m your cheerleader as you take on the important work of making these improvements.


Teams are unique, wonderful, and complicated. They can be the source of productive work, a supportive and collaborative environment, and even moments of joy. But they can also be places of confusion, destructiveness, and even trauma. I’ve been on both of those types of teams throughout my career. Still, I believe it’s possible to create plenty of peaks while occasionally experiencing the really tough valleys.

I'm so glad you're here and I hope you find immense value, momentum, encouragement, and even inspiration. Let's do this together. 

Optimize the impact of your team. Discover the qualities

that hold it back and those that position it for success.

There are often hints that your Team's effectiveness is slipping.

Declining morale - people disengaging from the mission and work of the Team

Rising attrition - losing Team members due to toxic environments or relationships

Customer complaints - internal issues deteriorating the customer experience

If you look deeper inside the Team, you might see:

Less meaningful conversation

People avoid challenging topics

Fewer decisions are being made


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Team Elements™ helps Teams optimize the attributes and behaviors that drive effectiveness for their particular situation. Its approachable framework and data-driven insights help generate focused action for lasting and meaningful improvement.

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The Team Elements Model

Team Elements is a research-based model that reveals how a Team is performing. The model enables a Team to build a real-time profile of its effectiveness – both the qualities that hold it back and those that position it for success.

The Team Elements Approach

The Team Elements toolbox, app, skillfully facilitated dialogue, and follow up coaching allow Teams to define a plan that fits its unique qualities and situation. Teams are equipped for ongoing self-directed improvement.

Contact us to arrange a conversation about how Team Elements can help your Teams be more effective.


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Boost your
Team's Impact
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Drive Organizational Effectiveness
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Become a
Certified Coach

Productivity Gains Are Real and Measurable

“Early on we gained a crystal-clear understanding of accountability of ownership, responsibility, and trust of leadership. The productivity gains are real and measurable. People are having more open conversations. We have tackled some of the tougher parts of the work in terms of goals and deliverables. We’ve become more inclusive in our discussions. My only complaint is that we didn’t spend enough time on this. Four months should have been 12 months.”

- Excerpts from a VP level client team

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