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Team Geek, Advocate, and Cheerleader
Teams are unique, wonderful, and complicated. They can be the source of productive work, a supportive and collaborative environment, and even moments of joy. But they can also be places of confusion, destructiveness, and even trauma. We help create and celebrate the peaks while working through the valleys together.
Grounded in Theory and Practical Application

The Team Elements model has evolved over the last decade, building on the work of Principal and Founder, Ben Bratt. Through over 20 years of driving positive Team performance across a range of companies and industries Ben repeatedly found that Teams made the most progress when they were able to have meaningful conversations in a highly targeted way, on the topics that mattered most to each Team.

As an HR Executive and Team effectiveness coach, Ben found that very few team performance models combined a systemic perspective with pragmatic usefulness. As a Business Leader, he saw how much more engaged and productive individuals were when they were part of a great Team, and how that impacted both the Team experience and his bottom line. In Ben’s own words, “I’ve had exhilarating team experiences, I’ve had mind-numbing team experiences, and I’ve had maddening team experiences. I will always choose the first, and I want to help people choose that, too.”

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Why is Ben passionate about Teams?

Teams deliver a significant majority of the productive effort in today’s society, both in the workplace and at large. However, focus on performance typically orients around the individual or the greater organization. And typical teambuilding programs fail to address the unique combination of beliefs and behaviors directly contributing to a Team’s effectiveness or dysfunction.

Ben designed Team Elements to see the distinctive make up of a Team, create a shared language to define that Team’s experience, and equip all members with full ownership of their effectiveness and achievement of outcomes in the face of shifting landscapes and context.

Contact us to arrange a conversation about how Team Elements can help your Teams be more effective.

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