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Team Elements enables any Team to accelerate its effectiveness. Our robust yet practical approach combines research-based tools and skilled facilitation to deliver measurable improvement.


Research confirms interpersonal factors are overwhelmingly the key accelerators and inhibitors of Team effectiveness. The Team Elements model equips Teams to understand, navigate and optimize their unique Team dynamics.

Our research has identified four qualities that factor significantly into a Team’s effectiveness at any given time:

  1. Quality of Conversation

  2. Quality of Relationship

  3. Quality of Work

  4. Quality of Outcome

Within these four qualities are 16 specific elements that consistently shape Team members’ experiences and determine the Team’s collective effectiveness.


Visualize Your Team’s Potential

Through the Team Elements process, participants discover which of these specific behaviors and attributes are contributing to their success or failure. The model and Team Elements approach yield hidden insights that create a roadmap for improving the Team’s effectiveness. Even highly performing teams benefit from heightened awareness and insight into the factors that drive their success and how they could further increase their impact.

The Team Elements model helps Teams:

Establish a shared language for understanding and navigating Team dynamics.

Visualize a complete picture of how the Team operates.

Quickly pinpoint the Team’s most important strengths and what is holding it back.

Benchmark the state of the Team’s effectiveness to measure future progress.

The Model


The Team Elements approach surfaces valuable insights and results in intentional change that drives ongoing, improved effectiveness for any Team.

The Approach

Team Ownership and Measurable Progress

Team Elements incorporates a research-based model, skillfully facilitated dialogue, targeted coaching, and real-time action planning. Our approach sets the stage for Teams to fully own how they operate and define a plan that honors their unique qualities and situation.

Our Team Elements approach helps Teams:

Own how they will improve their effectiveness.

Engage in dialogue by the Team, about the Team.

Choose where to target their limited time and resources.

Generate data-driven insights and targeted action plans for improvement.

Create a shared vision and track tangible progress over time.

Our approach values and includes every voice equally to:

Create a fully-informed understanding of the Team dynamic.

Incorporate all the unique, diverse viewpoints on the Team.

Drive “pride in ownership” and shared accountability through inclusive participation.

Relevant and Pragmatic

With Team Elements there is no judgment based on artificial standards of some idealized Team archetype. Every outcome and action plan is unique.


Our highly skilled facilitators use data to drive a targeted dialogue, surfacing unspoken and unknown issues to yield greater awareness of diverse perspectives and aspirations.


The Team then decides where to focus, how much, and which actions to take, including how and whether to move forward despite any identified differences. Ongoing follow-up includes coaching and check-ins to support progress and maintain accountability. The Team can track progress and easily re-assess at any time.


Our approach includes a variety of delivery options, such as engaging a Team Elements Certified Consultant or through a corporate subscription.

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For Team Members

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For Team Leaders

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The App

Delivering High Engagement & Insights

Our proprietary Team Elements app provides a quick and convenient way to engage Team members, share valuable insights and conduct check-ins to monitor progress.

The app can be used on any device – phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop – across all operating systems. Team members use the app to provide their input about the Team’s most important strengths and weaknesses. Participants complete the Team Elements survey in five minutes or less using the app. Instant reports of the aggregate data provide clear, actionable insights to help you have a meaningful dialogue about how your Team can be more effective.

Team leaders can use the app to:

Quickly create and send surveys.

Capture in-the-moment snapshots of the Team’s input.

Conveniently access it during in-depth offsites or periodic check-ins.

Establish important baseline data

Chart a path to the future state and measure changes over time

Data gathered using the app is aggregated, and no personally identifiable information is collected. Team members share their opinions without worrying about individual attribution. Your data is securely stored and accessible to the Team leader at all times.


We encourage Teams to use the app frequently. The more Teams become aware of their dynamic strengths and weaknesses, the better they can optimize their outcomes.

Contact us to arrange a conversation about how Team Elements can help your Teams be more effective.

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