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Flexible and Effective

Your clients need to see results.


They’re relying on you to help them. Old-school team building activities don’t always have a lasting impact back at the office. They often leave clients temporarily boosted, but no more effective. With Team Elements, you have an offering for creating lasting changes.


Team Elements offers a proven, turnkey system that is inherently customized to meet client needs. Instead of prescribing a “solution” from the outside in, Team Elements offers an approach that helps the client’s Team discover what’s most important to them and test hypotheses about how they will improve their effectiveness.


Improve ownership, relevance, and accountability by helping Teams reach their own conclusions and insights, based on data they have provided.

“It’s incredibly flexible. It helps Teams collectively choose specifically where they want and need to improve and what they need to do, rather than one person prescribing what they should focus on.”

Rob Schmieder, PhD, Founder, Schmieder Consulting LLC

Team Elements Coach Training

Quarterly cohorts with other independent practitioners passionate about Team effectiveness led by Team Elements Master Coaches who are dedicated to your richness of learning. 

A 10-week training program with both synchronous and asynchronous components crafted to help you design, deliver, and sell Team Elements Coaching opportunities. 

Based on our dialogic-based approach, this training is, at its core, aiding your mindset shift towards pragmatism, empathy, abundance, curiosity, and optimism.

Includes access to an ongoing Coach Community for continued learning opportunities with like-minded professionals, opportunities to grow your network, and to gain access to the latest tools coming from Team Elements. 

Hear What Our Recently Graduated Coaches Are Saying

“It is a high-quality program and I believe it will significantly enhance the work I'm doing with executive teams. To my knowledge, there isn't anything like this on the market. And the level of support from Ben and Shannon is outstanding; strong commitment to supporting our learning, integration, and to be well prepared to launch after the program.”

Contact us to arrange a conversation about how Team Elements can help your Teams be more effective.

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