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Our Pricing - Transformation Creates Value, Trinkets Create Distractions

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

The stakes are high, even existential. Why fiddle around at the edges?

I get it. You’ve seen your team struggle for a while now. You feel some personal responsibility for getting it unstuck (more on this topic HERE).

You’ve tried the low-budget, single afternoon, low-impact approaches. You’ve experimented with the holiday dinner, the ball game and beer, the Myers-Briggs or Enneagram consultant who helps you see everyone’s uniqueness. But you've found that these bandaids can offer you almost nothing about how to create the trust your team needs to have the hard conversations that will fuel the outcomes you desire.

[Note for the financially oriented: Those low-cost/low-impact approaches are actually a net negative. Take your team’s combined annual compensation, divide it by 2040 work hours in a year, and do the math on the true cost of your precious time and focus. Did it create true value, or did you briefly just feel a little better?]

The Truth You Already Know

I’ll say it here, but I wager you already know this: it’s hard work for you, your team, and me to create the team you deserve…that all of you deserve.

Many clients call me when their most important efforts are at stake. Strategies are teetering, and IPOs or M&A events are being questioned due to the weak leadership team. Meanwhile, talent is fleeing precisely at the time when launching a key product is crucial.

It takes the whole team involved in its most crucial conversations, where you find yourselves in your most authentic and palpable aspirations, conflicts, decisions, and betrayals. Put four hours into those dynamic conversations, and you’ll begin to understand what we mean by the value of team coaching.

Create Value

To see things this way, consider the value that must be created in these efforts rather than the cost incurred.

  • The craftwork involved getting to know you and your collective strengths and most profound concerns.

  • Learning why this matters to you and what’s truly at stake.

  • Holding the crucible of your most important conversations.

  • Unlocking your deepest strengths through the design of high-impact Learning Labs that leave you perhaps spent but certainly proud and hopeful.

  • Helping you quickly experiment with the pragmatic changes you all will try to see what truly moves the needle. Your needle.

An Integrated Approach to Team Coaching

While we coach the intact team, we also include separate, private hours for the team leader to receive offline coaching. Throughout the Team Elements process, team members will begin asking you for new and different things (e.g., behaviors, supports, tools), as you will start asking new and different things of them. A safe, supportive, and curious coach helps you pull this together into a development strategy that transforms the team’s effectiveness and helps you personally achieve what you need and want to achieve.


Team coaching is the most essential development work you’ll engage in this year. Sure, go to a ball game. Bring in the magician to the holiday party. But save the actual team effectiveness work for where you can derive the most actualized value - with coaches specialized in this field. [Need more data? See our ROI study for more info.]

With that in mind, know that while our prices could be higher than you’d initially expect, the value created will be multiples greater than the check you write.

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