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Microdosing Moments of Ownership

Bottomline On Top

Unlocking true team potential often extends beyond processes or tools—it requires owning and actively shaping your team's lived experience. Microdosing ownership is about the small, deliberate actions we can all take in our everyday team experiences that shape a culture of trust, collaboration, and empowerment that ultimately drives your team forward.

Microdosed Ownership Explained

What exactly is microdosing ownership? In my previous blog, I talked about a critical tool: SNOW, where 'Ownership' plays a pivotal role in how we change our team experience. It’s helpful to take small steps toward change rather than giant leaps. Microdosing this action of “ownership” is about claiming moments where you can begin to exercise individual and collective accountability in your team interactions.

This might sound like someone on the team saying:

  • “I have to speak up here and say that this current conflict isn’t helping us achieve our goals. Can we find a path forward that will generate some momentum?”

  • “I find it hard to focus when these side conversations occur. Would anyone be open to briefly exploring this with me?”

  • “I’m concerned we’re moving too quickly on this topic. Can we slow down a bit on this specific point? I want to make sure I get this before we move to a decision.”

Incorporating these micro-moments of ownership into our daily interactions can shift our mindset and gradually create increased engagement and collective accountability. These deliberate, small-scale actions can substantially enhance team cohesion and performance.

Why Is It Important?

Embracing ownership is crucial for fostering a collaborative team environment. When we really believe that we own our team’s experience and have the power to change our lived experience, then we are more likely to participate in - and expect - open communication, which builds trust and strengthens relationships within the team. 

When individuals feel empowered to take ownership of their team and interactions, they become more invested in the team's success.

Simple Ways to Start Implementing Ownership

To start microdosing ownership into your daily practices, start simple — identify opportunities where you can claim micro-moments in your team interactions. 

Microdosing ownership might sound like… 

  • Participate actively in discussions - “I know this is a dissenting opinion, but I’d like to voice a concern I have…”

  • Acknowledging a colleague's contribution: “Hey, before we move on to our next meeting, I just want to call out that Mary did a great job of upholding our values when she…”

  • Initiating meaningful dialogue - “Honestly team, I’m feeling resistant to bringing up this topic, but I think it’s really important that we address _____. Could we have a vulnerable conversation about that?

  • Calling out team wins or areas for improvement: “We just wrapped up a huge deliverable. Let’s not rush off into the next thing before we take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come with this.”

You can help create a positive and thriving team culture by consistently practicing ownership in these small ways.

Call to Action

Want to feel a fundamental change in the experience you have on your team? Start with you. Start with your ownership over what you can do and say within your team. 

Identify one micro-moment where you can exercise ownership today. And feel free to let me know how it goes.

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